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horse feed ingredients

When Horse Feed Is Too Old to Use

The manufacturing date provided on horse feed bags and tags is self-explanatory, the best-by date proves more nebulous. Even in best-case scenarios, different types of feed vary in the length of time they can be stored.

KER Research

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How Does Dietary Rice Bran Affect Glycemic Response in Horses?

The objective of this study was twofold: to measure the starch content of rice bran, whole oats, and corn, and to determine the glycemic response to a meal of rice bran in Thoroughbred horses.


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Foal head

Checking Roundworm Burdens in Foals with Ultrasound

Foals, weanlings, and yearlings appear particularly susceptible to high roundworm burdens, likely because they have little natural immunity against most disease-causing pathogens, parasites included.

General Interest

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Chilean Horse

Nutritional Management of Horses in Chile

Many equine breeds are well represented in Chile, a country situated along the southwestern coast of South America. What is the nutritional management of these horses?