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Foal head

Fetal Growth and Nutrition in Embryo Transfer Programs

Embryo transfer (ET) is an important part of many breeding programs. Breeding managers consider the genetics of the donor mare and the stallion, but both nutrition and a “newer” field of genetics—called epigenetics—also greatly influence the growth and development of the foal.

KER Research

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measuring hindgut acidity

Will a Hindgut Buffer Nutritionally Support Horses that Eat a High-Grain Diet?

This study was designed to test the efficacy and safety of feeding a protected sodium bicarbonate product to treat hindgut acidosis in horses fed a high-grain ration.


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Flies on horse's head

Vesicular Stomatitis Hits Horses in Western States

Colorado and Texas have postponed equine events in the last month because of confirmed cases of vesicular stomatitis. The rhabdovirus causes sores and blisters in the mouth, skin erosions, fever, and sloughing of the skin on the muzzle, tongue, teats, and above the hooves of affected animals.

General Interest

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Horse trailer with horses' heads out

Travel Tips for Horse Owners

Two new downloadable booklets released by the University of Kentucky’s Saddle Up Safely program are full of tips on choosing a trailer, getting the horse ready to travel, pulling the trailer safely, and overcoming the horse’s loading problems.